HTAi Policy Forum Series


HTAi’s mission is to support and promote the development, communication, understanding and use of HTA around the world as a scientifically based means of promoting the introduction of effective innovations and the effective use of resources in health care.

Launched in 2003, and having since expanded, the series provides a unique opportunity for senior individuals from public and private sector organizations using HTA to support decisions or recommendations about product development and coverage to interact with one another, members of the HTAi Board, and invited international experts. The Policy Forum Series provides the opportunity for strategic discussions about the present state of HTA, its development and implications for health systems, industry, patients and other stakeholders. Discussions are informed by the scientific literature and perspectives of individuals reflecting on experiences in their own organizations, but without the constraints associated with discussions of specific products or organizational policies. Each Forum is governed by a term-based organizing committee formed of the Forum membership.

The HTAi Policy Forum Advisory Committee review the operating models within and between the Forum series to ensure consistency and efficiency across the Forums. They also provide clear direction on the Forum Series to support the overall sustainability of the Forums and HTAi.

Currently, there are three Policy Forum meetings each year: