Governmental and non-governmental activities of interest to the RICC

The Governmental and non-governmental activities of interest to the RICC provides a list of website links to government and non-government activities that are relevant to the RICC.

At this stage, a simple title and hyperlink is provided although it is intended in the future that a short description will be developed for each of these links. While we endeavour to keep the list current and complete, the information has necessarily been compiled in a non-systematic fashion. If you are aware of activities that are relevant but have not been included in this list we would be grateful if you could let the RICC Repository Manager know so that the appropriate information can be uploaded. If your organisation has been included on the list but you would prefer alternative information presented please also contact us.

Governmental / Agency links and information relating to HTA-Regulatory Interactions by region



European – EMA

European – HTA Network and EUnetHTA

European Network of Centres for Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacovigilance (ENCePP)

The ENCePP-HTA working group is a multidisciplinary and multi-stakeholder working group within ENCePP with the mission of capacity building for the conduct of post authorization studies required by both regulatory and HTA bodies, as well as the development of methods related to the conduct of such studies in case they do not exist.

European – SEED (hosted by HAS)





Non-governmental organisations involved in HTA-Regulatory Interactions

CASMI (Centre for the Advancement of Sustainable Medical Innovation)

CIRS (Centre for Innovation in Regulatory Science)

CMTP (Centre for Medical Technology Policy)

IMI (Innovative Medicines Initiative, an EU Public-Private partnership)

MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation: NEWDIGS

A multi-stakeholder initiative to explore Adaptive Licensing (AL) and Medicines Adaptive Pathways to Patients (MAPPs) with the ultimate goal of more reliably and sustainably delivering new, better, affordable therapeutics to the right patients faster.

Tapestry Networks