Additional Resources

The Power of Nutrition Economics (video infographic), 2018

It’s no secret that nutrition is important for overall health, but good nutrition is also healthy for the entire economic picture. This infographic makes the case for why nutrition can be a cost-effective driver of successful patient outcomes, business and health-policies. It emphasizes the interest to actively engage in the translation of nutrition-related health effects for ensuring efficient public health strategies. Through this infographic, INPHORM aims to encourage¬† public-private partnerships for quantifying the value of nutrition as the common thread that runs through healthcare, business and society, connecting individual wellness and collective wealth.

The potential of daily nutrition as preventative health technology, European Public Health Conference, (PDF presentation), 2017, Stockholm

What is nutrition economics? (PDF presentation), 2015, Italy

Nutrition: A Health Technology for Evidence-Informed Public Health Policies (PDF poster), 2014, Spain, III World Congress of Public Health Nutrition