This page provides information about HTAi Patient and Citizen Involvement Interest Group’s (PCIG) current projects. Click on the projects for more detailed information or the tabs on the left for information about past projects and guidance about proposing and leading projects.

360° HTA Patient Involvement – Europe 

Aim: This research will include a 360° review of current methods and processes for patient involvement in Europe, how they are perceived by those involved, and a co-creation of best practices.

Patient Participation at the Organizational Level 

Aim: Better understanding of patient participation in organizational domain; identifying how/what topics dialogue between patients/patient groups/citizens & HTA bodies is occurring, what facilitates it. Lead: Hervé Nabarette (AFM-Téléthon)

Stakeholders’ Perspectives of Impact (in patient involvement in HTA)

Aim: Aid reflection on the impact & mechanisms of patient involvement by trialing the use of a template to capture different stakeholders’ perspectives/stories. Leads: Aline Silva & Veronica Lopez Gousset (VLG Consulting)

Low- and Middle-Income Countries (with Developing Countries Interest Group) 

Aim: Collaborate with LMIC stakeholders to define LMIC-specific needs for patient involvement. Develop & adapt appropriate guidance & tools. Leads: Anke-Peggy Holtorf (Health Outcomes Strategies GmbH) & Jani Mueller (CMeRC)

Patient Preferences 

Aim: To collaborate with key stakeholders to provide HTAs with actionable resources to increase implementation and adoption of patient preferences in decision-making. Leads: Simon Fifer (CaPPRe) & Barry Liden (Edwards Lifesciences)

Patient Insights Research Platform 

Aim: A whitepaper detailing pre-requisites & stakeholder expectations of a structured, observatory platform to collect & analyse social media content to inform HTA bodies of patient needs & experiences. Leads: Anke-Peggy Holtorf & Andrii Danyliv (Novartis)

Implementation of Summary of Information for Patients  

Aim: Encourage implementation & adoption of template worldwide by raising awareness & developing training & communication resources, pilots & by obtaining stakeholder feedback Leads: Martin Coombes (BMS) & Kate Morgan (Myeloma Europe)

Patient & public involvement at HTAi Annual Meeting 

Aim: Build on pass work to generate HTAi guidance to ensure meaningful, welcoming and well-supported patient and public involvement at HTAi Annual Meetings.

How to Propose New Projects?

For more information, contact the PCIG Project Coordinator, Anke-Peggy Holtorf, email: [email protected].