2022 PCIG Pass for Annual Meeting


Patients, patient representatives and caregivers WANTED!

We need your input and involvement in Health Technology Assessment (HTA) 

Patients, patient representatives and caregivers are encouraged to attend the HTAi 2022 Annual Meeting virtually or in-person June 25-29, 2022, in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Participants can expect to meet fellow patients involved in HTA, experts in the field of HTA, and to learn about the latest developments in HTA methods and experiences.

Not sure?  Please feel free to learn more about:

If you are a patient, patient representative and/or caregiver, we welcome your involvement and encourage you to register for the conference.  

Need financial support to attend? Apply for financial support through our PASS program!  Applications are due March 14, 2022.


About the HTAi PASS Program

HTAi’s Patient and Citizen Involvement in HTA Interest Group (PCIG) has established the PASS program to provide financial and moral support to patients and their representatives (including representatives from patient organizations and HTA committees) to attend the HTAi Annual Meeting.  PASS grant recipients can expect financial support for travel to/from the meeting, along with lodging and registration costs.  In addition, PASS grant recipients will be joined and supported by patients, HTAi volunteers and staff to ensure an enjoyable and valuable experience.

Repeat grant recipients welcome!

PCIG recognizes that patient participation at the HTAi Annual Meeting has an important role in capacity building and we value ongoing contributions and attendance. Therefore, past grant recipients are encouraged to apply and applicants should note that receiving a grant this year WILL NOT RULE YOU OUT next year.

Key dates

14 March 2022 – PCIG PASS 2022 application deadline 

21 March 2022 – Successful applicants notified by email

23 March 2022 – Deadline for applicant acceptance of award

24 March 2022 – Unsuccessful applicants notified by email

24 March 2022 – Early-bird registration deadline

June – Briefing call for successful applicants 

25-29 June 2022 – HTAi Annual Meeting 

Post conference – PCIG will follow up with PCIG PASS recipients to learn about their experience and make further improvements for 2023

Patient, caregiver and patient organization representatives will be selected to receive travel grants from the  PCIG PASS by a subcommittee of the PCIG Steering Committee consisting of the Chair, Vice Chair and a patient representative. The funds will be administered by the HTAi Secretariat. 

PCIG is grateful to Edwards Lifesciences, Janssen and Novartis for their sponsorship of these grants and commitment to patient participation in HTAi’s Annual Meeting.

[email protected] is in use only for the PCIG PASS process and should not be used for regular contact with the Interest Group or its Chair. If you have further questions you can send them to this email and they will be answered within 48 hours. The HTAi (Health Technology Assessment International) Interest Group for Patient and Citizen  Involvement Interest Group (PCIG) in health technology assessment (HTA) brings together  stakeholders with an interest in the involvement of patient and citizen involvement in HTA. These  stakeholders include patients, patient advocates, patient engagement consultants, clinicians,  researchers, HTA agencies, government and industry. 

The PCIG considers ‘involvement’, or ‘engagement’, to be a wide-ranging term that encompasses patient and citizen participation in HTA processes, and research to provide evidence about  patients’ and citizens’ perspectives, preferences and experiences to input to HTA. 

The PCIG sets out to ‘work together in equal partnership’. All members are considered equal and  their input and feedback is equally respected. We are all committed to overall improvement in  HTA processes and the availability of equitable quality health care to improve health outcomes.