Medical Devices


The HTAi Medical Devices Interest Group (MDIG) was established in 2019. HTA plays an essential role in decision making and informing policy on the use of medical devices as a part of its broader scope for all technologies, as well as the efficient use of  resources in health care. The mission of the MDIG is to promote and develop the interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder assessments of medical devices and value-based healthcare in a consistent and comprehensive manner.


MD IG will host the following meetings at 2019 HTAi Annual Meeting, Cologne

Business Meeting

PANEL: “HTA & Medical Devices: The Past, Present & Future of Medical Device Value Assessment”

Tuesday 18 June, 10.30-11.45am

WORKSHOP: “Can HTAi support a shift to value-based health-care through new approaches for HTA of medical devices?”

Sunday 16 June, 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM



The MD IG has the goal to produce relevant, objective research to inform and improve policy making that is intended to improve population health.  The IG will advance the dialogue on Medical Device HTA methods and evidence based policy making. This will reflect all stakeholder groups and ensure the unique role of HTAi is considered in policy discussion.

Those interested in this IG will:
• Contribute to ensure best practices in the HTA of medical technologies are shared and rigorously evaluated in a manner that considers the nuances of the medical device space
• Ensure the implementation of HTA is discussed and advanced to key policy makers
• Ensure all stakeholders are engaged and given a place to provide feedback on the strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities of introducing Medical Device innovation into healthcare systems under the responsibility of increasing patient outcomes and lowering system costs.
• Rigorously seek to include new stakeholders for dialogue, most notably payer and procurement thought leaders who are crucial actors in the implementation of medical device and value based healthcare assessments.

Executive Team

Chair: Richard Charter (Switzerland)

Co-Chair:  Dr. Anastasia Chalkidou (UK)

Technical Officer: Victoria Hurtado (Chile)

Join this IG

Involvement in the IGs is open to all HTAi members with current membership, which allows you to join the IG mailing lists to receive notifications about IG activities and opportunities to get more involved in specific working groups and projects.

A mailing list for MD IG will be set up following the first MD IG Business Meeting at 2019 HTAi Annual Meeting in Cologne.

Terms of Reference

To join, or if you have further questions, please contact [email protected].