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HB HTA at the hospital level is constantly transforming, its role is taking more relevance inside and outside its organization.  The annual business session is organized by the Hospital-Based HTAi interest group, with the goal to present its recent and future activities where members from the group and newcomers can actively be involved. Those activities will cover current and future needs from experts on the field. This business session is based on presenting our first proposal of online workshops, where we are looking for an extensive collaboration from members and non-members to improve our practice, from the involvement and alignment on the interests with national HTAs or other institutions based on strategic and political decisions, resources implication and collaboration (clinical trials or protocols), with special attention on Covid-19 period to the impact of HB-HTA evaluation on decision making or current practice; having the opportunity to present real cases/practice to the society. Also, the possibility to present the methodologies used on your assessments, and the adoption of tools as GRADE, AdHopHTA, or MAST. Those workshops can lead to a collaboration on writing scientific articles within members.

Moreover, it will be presented two opened positions inside the executive team, where members actively propose and define needs and strategies in alignment with the HTAi Organization.

We are looking forward to seeing you online, and since this session starting to provide with your contributions, we are also welcomed to answer your doubts. Obviously, always welcoming new members where its main motivation is sharing knowledge or with the spirit to learn in order to accomplish our main goal: provide to patients healthcare based on equity quality and efficiency.

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Meet the panelists:

Americo Cicchetti, Ph.D. is Professor of Management at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Faculty of Economics, Rome. He is Director of the Graduate School of Health Economics and Management (ALTEMS). Chief of Research, Health Technology Assessment Unit and Biomedical Engineering “A. Gemelli” University Hospital Rome, Italy. Co-chair of the Hospital-based HTAi interest group.

Marco Marchetti, Ph.D. is the Director of the National Center for the Health Technology assessment of the Italian National Institute for Health since 2017. Currently the treasurer from the board of directors in HTAi organization and co-chair of the Hospital-Based HTAi. He has a broad experience on hospital management, quality assurance, risk management, HTA, drug epidemiology, evidence-based medicine and digital medicine impact evaluation. He has collaborated with the National Agency for Drugs and Regional Government in the assessment process of different drugs and medical devices with a particular focus on innovative pricing scheme and payment by results. He has published more than 150 papers.

Gabriela Murrugarra, MSc works for Teleflex Medical| Neotract, as  market access manager focused on Spain. She is the technical officer of the hospital-based HTAi interest group, with a background on economics and specialized in health economics. Experienced on modelling and stakeholder management.

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