Hospital-Based HTA


The Hospital-Based HTA (HB-HTA) Interest Group was established to provide an area for members of HTAi who are developers and users of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in hospital settings to share information, insights and work on collaborative projects. This group is also open to all members of HTAi with an interest in HTA in a hospital setting.

The group gathers professionals interested or involved in the use of an HTA logic at health care institutions for supporting both managerial and clinical decision-making processes. It aims to provide a space for sharing information and insights, proposing and discussing best practices and methodologies, and working on collaborative projects.

Aims & Objectives

  • Provide an platform of members of HTAi who are developers and users of HTA in hospital settings
  • Share information, insights and work on collaborative projects
  • Share principles, values and methods as a fundamental step to accelerate the adoption of an HTA approach at the hospital level
  • Identify and share best practices relating to HTA initiatives at the hospital level
  • Promote awareness and increase knowledge of hospital-based HTA
  • Propose methodological approaches
  • Collect and discuss desirable trends of collaboration between national or regional HTA and hospital-based HTA programs


  • Maintenance of the AdHopHTA website/database
  • Migration of the AdHopHTA website/database onto the HTAi website
  • Two members of the IG are now part of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Hospital-Based Technology Asessment
  • A survey on potential international efforts for sharing and collecting hospital-based HTA reports in the AdHopHTA database was completed and the results are included in an article that is currently under review for publication in the International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care (IJTAHC)

Executive Team

Dr. Americo Cicchetti (Italy)
Dr. Marco Marchetti (Italy)

Technical Officer: Vacant

Terms of Reference

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