Covid-19 HTA Response Team

The HTAi Board of Directors has created an oversight committee, aptly named the COVID-19 HTA Response Team (C-19 HTA Response Team), to oversee the coordination of society collaborative efforts to support evidence collection, appraisal, dissemination, organizational level collaboration, and foresight deliberations.

What will the C-19 HTA Response Team do?

Their primary objective is to support the global research effort through informed decision making and improving optimal access to care for patients. The secondary objective is to showcase the strength of HTAi’s international networks.

Specifically, the C-19 HTA Response Team will comprise of members delegating and overseeing working groups. The Response Team will ensure that projects add value to the HTA community, and are consistent with the Vision, Mission, and strategic objectives of HTAi. The Response Team meets bi-weekly and supports the flow of information and knowledge sharing across working groups to the Board and Secretariat.

Who is involved?

The C-19 HTA Response Team is Chaired by Iñaki Gutierrez-Ibarluzea, HTAi’s Past President.

Members include:

  • Dan Ollendorf (USA), HTAi Global Policy Forum Chair
  • Leonor Varela-Lema (Spain), HTAi Interest Group Steering Committee Chair
  • Alric Rüther (Germany), Scientific Development and Capacity Building Committee Chair
  • Jani Mueller (South Africa), Developing Countries IG Chair
  • Richard Charter (Switzerland), Medical Devices IG Co-Chair
  • Rabia Kavechi (Ukraine), Medical Devices IG Co-Chair
  • Maarten Postma (Netherlands), Public Health IG Chair
  • Rosmin Esmail (Canada), Disinvestment and Early Awareness IG Chair
  • Marco Marchetti (Italy), Hospital-based HTA Co-Chair
  • Dario Sacchini (Italy), Ethics IG Vice-Chair
  • Alicia Granados (Spain), Industry Representative
  • Adrian Griffin (UK), Industry Representative
  • Elena Petelos (Netherlands), RWE-Ai Co-Chair
  • Massoud Toussi (France), RWE-AI Chair
  • Ann Single (Australia), PCIG Chair