HTAi COVID-19 Response

What is the HTAi COVID-19 Reponse?

HTAi has been continually working to support global evidence generation collaborations, and policy decision making consistencies. A Response Team meets weekly to identify the timely needs of Society members and partners, and to focus the leadership and development related to key questions of relevance to the HTA community.

A series of webinars is ongoing and available open access to support international collaboration and discussions on common current and horizon issues; a collation of online resources is publicly available comprised of links to content of Society members. The Response Team, in consultation with Society members is working to develop  Position Statements.

What does this mean?

COVID-19 HTA Response Team

The HTAi Board of Directors has created an oversight committee, aptly named the COVID-19 HTA Response Team (C-19 HTA Response Team), to oversee the coordination of society collaborative efforts to support evidence collection, appraisal, dissemination,  organizational level collaboration, and foresight deliberations.

Their primary objective is to support the global research effort through informed decision making and improving optimal access to care for patients. The secondary objective is to showcase the strength of HTAi’s international networks.

Specifically, the C-19 HTA Response Team will comprise of Chairs of the HTAi Interest Groups and others to ensure Stakeholder representation. The Response Team will ensure that projects add value to the HTA community, and are consistent with the Vision, Mission, and strategic objectives of HTAi. The Response Team will support the flow of information and knowledge sharing across working groups to the Board and Secretariat.


HTAi is in collaborations with two major international initiatives, namely:

  • COVID-END, an extensive partnership with seven working groups focusing on evidence generation, dissemination, and indeed much more. HTAi is actively present in the cross-organisational partnership information sharing activities and contributing to the development of tips and resources in the forming of recommendations for Policy-Makers. For more information:
  • WHO has much ongoing. As a non-state actor in official relations with WHO, HTAi is a key member of the Evidence Collaboration for COVID-19 (ECC-19). For more information:

Surveys and Member input

We are working to ensure that the international HTA community has a platform to come together in response to COVID-19. We are encouraging members who have information to share, resources, queries, suggestions and ideas to connect through their interest group mailing list, or directly to their IG Chair(s).

We have also distributed an initial survey on key priorities for HTA, and a second survey on potential mechanisms to reduce waste in HTA, and duplication of effort.


The C-19 HTA Response webinar series provides a platform for discussion with member-driven content. The webinars are a mix of plenary-style presentations with open dialogue. Each webinar will be 90-minutes long, with lots of time for Questions.

HTAi aims to consider each timezone, all sessions are recorded for subsequent viewing.

Position Statements

The Response Team is working to develop timely and high impact position statements to represent and support the view points of the field. These documents are posted for member consultation, and are intended to be living. Comments and input are welcome and will be considered by the Response Team. All position statements are developed in accordance with the Position Statement Briefing Guide and reviewed and approved by the HTAi Board of Directors in accordance with pre-defined criteria.

Online resources

To enhance information sharing and collaboration, HTAi has provided online resources that may be of interest to the HTA community. All resources are collected from member organizations and partners and are openly available.


Who is involved?

The C-19 HTA Response Team is Chaired by Iñaki Gutierrez-Ibarluzea (Spain), HTAi President, Chairs of the HTAi Interest Groups and Industry Representatives.

Webinars will feature members of the C-19 HTA Response Team, as well as partner organizations, members-at-large, and requested members of the HTA community.


How can you get involved?

Email your Interest Group Chair with projects and topic suggestion ideas. Or email project lead Antonio Migliore at [email protected].