Frequently Asked Questions

The mission of HTAi is to support and promote the development, communication, understanding and use of HTA around the world as a scientifically based means of promoting the introduction of effective innovations and the effective use of resources in health care. HTAi runs Annual Meetings and a range of other activities to support this mission.

HTAi is a membership society run by and for its members. It is independent of all sectors, other organizations and interest groups whether from government, industry or other areas. The HTAi Statement on Relations with Public and Private Organisations is provided below. 

HTAi is unique amongst international societies involved in the field of HTA. HTAi focuses specifically and directly on the challenges and opportunities provided by HTA in bringing together all relevant disciplines and methods (including public health, clinical epidemiology and trials, health economics, psychology, health policy, ethics, law, management and other social sciences) to assess the benefits, costs and wider health care consequences of drugs, equipment, in-vitro diagnostics/tests, and procedures involved in health care and health promotion. The aim is to provide those taking decisions on health care technologies in health policy and practice, and those who are performing HTA, with a space to share knowledge and experience, through the HTAi Annual Meeting, Journal or Interest Groups. HTAi members are not just scientists doing HTA but also professionals using HTA in their daily decision-making for coverage and practice, or in the development of new technologies entering the health care market. HTAi is actively committed to international collaboration. In addition to official relations status with the World Health Organization, HTAi has signed formal Memoranda of Understanding with INAHTA, ISQua and Euroscan. HTAi also collaborates with organizational members and regularly works with other like-minded organizations.

Any organization or individual currently involved or interested in HTA, studying or interested to learn more about this dynamic field is welcome to become a member of HTAi. Please view the current membership fees.

The benefits of Individual and Student Membership include

  • membership in an international network of experts and leaders in HTA;
  • free online access to the International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care;
  • access to HTAi e-newsletters and bulletins, containing resources and news on international developments in HTA;
  •  eligibility to attend HTAi Annual Meetings; and
  • eligibility to join all of HTAi’s Interest Groups;

Organizational members may register up to five members of their organization to receive all the above benefits of Individual and Student Members. Other benefits are being developed for Organizational Members, including free electronic access to a range of relevant journals, free posting of employment vacancies on the HTAi website, and the right to place the organization’s logo on a special page of the HTAi’s website, with a link to the organization’s website.

HTAi statement on relations with public and private organizations

  1. HTAi is a scientific and professional membership society. It welcomes organizational members and sponsors whose support helps to further the mission of the Society, particularly through the development of new initiatives and the extension of activities to less developed countries.
  2. HTAi recognizes that all organizations (governments, non-governmental organisations and businesses) have interests. HTAi protects its integrity and independence by requiring transparency in all financial support, by relying primarily on individual members for core funding and by having a diversified pool of sponsors so that no single interest has undue importance.
  3. For events with membership fees or meeting sponsorship opportunities, HTAi applies contributions in support of HTAi operations and an event as a whole.  As such, contributions will be given appropriate acknowledgement in programs. Sessions in main meeting programs are run under the standards of scientific and professional peer review and these sessions may not be sponsored by an outside organization. Social events, pre- and post-meeting workshops and other elements (e.g., bags, books, etc.) may be sponsored at the discretion of the conference Local Organizing Committee.
  4. Policy Forum events require membership fees to be paid in full.  Member organizations are eligible to send two delegates.
  5. HTAi adheres to the principles on conflicts of interest promulgated by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. All those invited or offering to submit contributions to sessions or posters in main meeting programmes are obliged to declare sources of support and potential conflicts of interest as a regular part of the review process.
  6. All HTAi Board members are required to declare any interests which might conflict or be seen to conflict with their work for the Society.
  7. HTAi supports integrity and transparency by inviting all members and other interested parties to view these declarations and its financial statements.

  1. The Chatham House Rule states that “When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed” (see