2022 Annual Meeting – Day 2!


Day Two was a big day at #HTAi2022Utrecht with eight-panels sessions; Symposia sessions led by Novartis and Edwards Life Sciences; an impressive and an emotional special session – HTA in Challenging Times: Experience in Ukraine and a plenary dedicated to Public Confidence in Healthcare and Decision Making.


Facilitating RWE Use In HTA: Creating A Taxonomy For Problem Solving And Data Legitimization (Novartis)

This Symposia examined how RWE is used in HTA decision-making as part of a wide collaboration to improve the usability of RWE. Practical solutions to support this.

They used a range of methods (literature reviews, expert elicitation, country case studies and RWE use case studies) to create a taxonomy (uses/sources) and a data governance framework.

Capacity-Enhancing Innovations as Enablers for Resilient Healthcare Systems (Edwards Lifesciences)

The recent COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for more robust and agile healthcare systems. This shift requires the adaptation of the HTA processes to maintain access to innovative technologies for all patients while securing the highest standard of care for urgent cases like COVID-19 patients. Capacity-enhancing innovations can enable access to needed care while reducing burdens on healthcare providers and hospitals.

Plenary 2

This plenary explored the nature of public confidence and how it influences how we reconceptualize HTA’s place in the lifecycle and our societies. It elicited different stakeholders’ experiences of integrating perspectives in HTA and challenge the community to take a critical view of HTA’s contribution to public confidence in health and science.

We danced the night away At the Spoorwegmuseum (Railway Museum) in Utrecht, the railway was established in 1927 is dedicated to preserving historical equipment from the Dutch national railway. In 1954 the museum was permanently housed in the Maliebaan Station in Utrecht. A major renovation occurred in the late 1900’s, with the addition of new and modernized facilities.