The Sigrid Droste Ethics Award

The Sigrid Droste Ethics Award was established in memory of Sigrid Droste. Sigrid came from an initial background in Medical Geography and Cartography and found her way through medical information retrieval to Health Technology Assessment (HTA). Being chronically ill herself, the problems of translating evidence into everyday patient care were her daily necessity. This led to her main interest in the ethics of HTA, where she achieved a high level of expertise. In her last 13 years, Sigrid worked as a senior research associate at the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG), the German HTA body.

The Sigrid Droste Ethics Award recognizes Society members in good standing who are making or have made important contributions in ethics in HTA. The Award will only be given in years when a suitable nominee(s) fulfills the Award’s eligibility criteria and is nominated by an HTAi member in good standing.

Those who are eligible for nomination could be someone who has completed any of the following:

  • Contributed to starting or significantly advancing the use of ethical reflection in HTA in an academic research community (university or university hospital), an HTA community (international, national HTA bodies), or in a national healthcare system.
  • Contributed to methods for conducting ethics in HTA.
  • Contributed to education in ethics in HTA to raise awareness and increase capacity.
  • Shown exceptional contributions to HTA ethics through a combination of publications in a peer-reviewed academic journal and conference activities such as workshops, panel or plenary presentations; and organizational contributions such as leading ethics in HTA at an HTA agency.

Award recipient(s) will be announced and recognized at the Annual Meeting of the Society.

This is a monetary Award that has three tiers:

  • Level 1/Tier 1 award of €2000.00
  • Level 2/Tier 2 award of €1000.00
  • Level 3/Tier 3 award of €500.00

Deadline: Nominations must be submitted with the attached form by March 15.

Sigrid Droste Ethics Award – Nomination Form

Please submit your nomination(s) to the HTAi Secretariat at [email protected].