HTAi’s Presidents have played crucial roles in the growth and maturation of the Society, and each has made notable contributions to the promoting the development and use of HTA worldwide. Since its founding in 2003, We have grown into a thriving network with close to 1,300 members from around the world, and has become a major hub for global collaboration in HTA. Below are our Past Presidents in the order of their tenure, beginning with the most recent. The following biographies are circa the first year of each President’s tenure.

Iñaki Gutierrez-Ibarluzea, 2019-21

Sean Tunis, 2017-19

Guy Maddern, 2015-17

Carole Longson, 2013-15

Clifford Goodman, 2011-1

Laura Sampietro-Colom, 2009-11

Reiner Banken, 2007-09

Berit Mørland, 2005-07

Chris Henshall, 2003-05

Alicia Granados, 2003